Self Scheduling Terms – (Team Xpress Online, Team Xpress App)

Thank you for your interest in our self scheduling system. Our goal is to make scheduling with 5 STAR a simple and convenient task.  Employees are not required to self schedule online or using the app, but it is highly encouraged to help view and manage your shifts. You should still call one of our schedulers on the telephone to have access to all available shifts. Some shift types are not posted to self scheduling.  Our goal is to be the best and most professional company in the security and event entertainment industry.  By using the online system and/or app, you can access your schedule, self schedule and receive shift updates. Please review all training materials.

Kristina Hardin
Licensed Security Manager

Terms and Conditions:

5 STAR employees are not required to use this system to schedule.  Direct contact with our schedulers each week via phone is still the recomended scheduling method. In the event the system is down, you must call each week for scheduling.

This is a private system and users understand that 5 STAR reserves the right to make changes to the system and methods of self scheduling contained within our system.  This system does not contain 100% of the available shifts.  5 STAR reserves the right to make adjustments to the schedules as we determine in the best interest of our clients.

Job openings are posted in a random manner as they become available.  Not all jobs will be posted online and employees must contact our schedulers weekly to check for additional job openings.

Once you self schedule for a shift, you are expected to view and confirm that shift has not changed online within 48 hours of each event.   You are required to work all scheduled shifts.  You can not cancel a shift online or via the app.  If you need to cancel a shift, you must call and speak with a scheduler during scheduling business hours, Monday – Friday from 11am – 5pm.  Failing to show up for a scheduled shift may result in exclusion from online self scheduling, suspension and/or termination.

The shift start times are subject to change and you are required to check your schedule before each shift to make sure no time changes have been made.  We will attempt to contact you if we get a call from a client making any changes.  All shift end times are approximate.

Most open shifts will prohibit self scheduling online at 48 hours prior to an event, however, you may still view existing schedules and call our schedulers to check open shift availability right up to the job date.

You are responsible for keeping your password private and you should never share your password with fellow employees.  You are responsible for all shifts scheduled using your password.  You may change or update your password within the system as often as you would like.  If you forget your password, our system will create a temporary password which will be sent to your email address on file.

If you need to update your email address or any other contact information, please use our records update form.

Training and Policies:

If using our self scheduling system you must agree that you have viewed our training videos and will comply with policies of our company and our clients.

Collected Information:

Our system will log your IP address and users are required to use an id and password to log in.  Certain information, such as your email address, must be kept updated in order to verify your identity and for use in our password retrieval system.


If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact us by phone.

For password support, please contact Gabriel Gonzales (Houston) or David Brackin (Austin – San Antonio).

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